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JUMBOBEDS belongs to Jumbonline Accommodations & Services S.L.U,. registered in Barcelona with CIF: CIF B56619968. Our Main offices are located GRAN VIA ASIMA 4, 07009, PALMA DE MALLORCA, BALEARES, ESPAÑA.

The product, JUMBOBEDS contained in (hereafter, website) is subject to these Terms & Conditions, and will be marketed exclusively to retail agencies (hereafter, AGENCY).


JUMBOBEDS and the AGENCY agree that access to the website, viewing, use or contracting from the same, is regulated by the present General Terms & Conditions.

Likewise they agree to comply with all laws and regulations that are applicable to this website and reservations contracted through it.

In the event that consent of the agency’s client is necessary, the AGENCY agrees to send these General Terms & Conditions and travelling terms, and to obtain the said consent of the agency's client.


The access codes for this program (username and password) will be provided by JUMBOBEDS to each AGENCY.

The access codes provided by JUMBOBEDS are for the exclusive use of each AGENCY, therefore no access code may be transferred or disclosed to third parties, including their representatives.

Each AGENCY is directly responsible for the use of their access code.

In the event that misuse occurs, such access codes will be removed, sales immediately suspended and JUMBOBEDS reserves the right to lodge all legal actions it deems appropriate.

For security reasons, JUMBOBEDS reserves the right to change the access codes of the AGENCY, provided that such changes do not disrupt the use of the system and not before the AGENCY has received the relevant notification regarding the planned change.


The AGENCY will be enabled to obtain accommodation and any other product that JUMBOBEDS offer via this website.


- Will not use the website for any purpose other than the sale of the JUMBOBEDS PRODUCT.

- May not post, transmit or spread on this website, or through it, any information that is or may be harmful, obscene, defamatory or otherwise illegal to the rights of JUMBOBEDS or third parties.

- Must not make any unauthorized, false or fraudulent reservation.

- Must not use any software, routine or device to interfere, or aim to interfere electronically or manually with the operability and functionality of this website, including, but not limited to, the uploading or remission of corrupt data or viruses of any manner.

- Must not deface, alter or interfere with the appearance, layout or format of this website or the support source code.

- Must not undertake any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionate overload to the website or its infrastructure.

Without prejudice to any other right, JUMBOBEDS reserves the right to deny access to this website and / or cancel any reservation, if JUMBOBEDS (at its own discretion) esteems that the AGENCY has failed to comply with the present General Terms & Conditions.


JUMBOBEDS may make improvements or changes in the information, elements, data, services, and other elements of this website, or terminate this website at any time without notice.

JUMBOBEDS may also modify these General Terms & Conditions at any time and such modification shall be effective from the moment they enter in the website. Consequently, access and subsequent use of this website signifies the AGENCY agrees to the new General Terms & Conditions.

JUMBOBEDS may suspend access to the system under this program, due to maintenance, safety reasons of the network or force majeure.


By perfecting any transaction made through the website or electronic XML or HTML platform the AGENCY agree that these General Terms & Conditions shall apply to each and every transaction.

The hotel, service provider, reserves the right to consider the validity of the reservation as "individual" in the case that the latter exceeds the number of 5 rooms and / or 10 pax in one or several locators / reservations; ExceedING this number, the reservation could be considered as a "group reservation" and, therefore, the price and payment conditions stated in the confirmation may not apply.


The AGENCY agrees to provide the client of the agency, full information on the following points:

• The included and not included in the price of services.

• Regime and consequences of no show of the agency’s client at the establishment. The cost of annulments, changes and cancellations, as well as possible changes of name, brand name of the establishment and the possible existence of local tax.

• All clients of the agency, without exception (including children), must have all personal and family documents in order, either a passport or national identity, as required by the laws of the country or countries they are to visit.

• All extra services (special menu, beds, cots etc.).

When the European Directive 90/314 / EEC on package travel should be applied due to the intention to include any services provided by JUMBOBEDS in a package, the AGENCY shall undertake to strictly comply with the mentioned directive and / or legislation that may develop, add or replace. The AGENCY also undertakes to deliver or allow delivery of all information to the agency’s client, requesting their signature and approval of package travel conditions when necessary.


"No Show" costs depend on the policy of each hotel, this can vary between the cost of one night's stay and the total amount of the reservation.


JUMBOBEDS (and / or affiliates) in no event, will be liable for losses or damages, whether direct or indirect of any kind arising from the access or not to the website, its use or the information contained therein, including lost profit and similar

The responsibility of JUMBOBEDS either produced by a breach of these General Terms & Conditions, a breach of contract to these General Terms & Conditions or by an act of omission that violates legal or regulatory obligations or for any other reason; in no case will exceed the amount paid by the AGENCY to JUMBOBEDS for specific services in question.

The information on this website has been introduced in bona fide; JUMBOBEDS can not guarantee it is completely free from defects or typographical errors therefore JUMBOBEDS can not accept any liability arising from these.

The information provided by JUMBOBEDS by any means, has been included in good faith and whilst every effort will be made to keep the information up to date and accurate, JUMBOBEDS does not accept liability for any error or omission that may exist in the information supplied by . Information on this website (which may include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors, errors in calculating currency conversion, errors in pricing in general, etc.) is not binding. In the case that an error is made JUMBOBEDS or the supplier reserves the right to cancel any booking and reimburse any monies paid by the CLIENT to JUMBOBEDS in relation to such booking (if applicable), this will be with no liability to the CLIENT and or the user.

There may be links to third party websites on our web site which are only for information. Such sites are independent of JUMBOBEDS, and are not responsible for it or the material contained within.

To the extent permitted by law, JUMBOBEDS excludes any implied warranty concerning the accuracy of the information, services and materials contained in this website. Such information, services and materials are provided as is and are available without any collateral.

Clients and final customers, accept that JUMBOBEDS acts as an intermediary in the contracting of accommodation and other services (transport, excursions, etc). Therefore, can not be held liable for death, injury, illness, damage, accident, loss, theft, delay or any other irregularity which may arise directly or indirectly from the provision of services performed by the hotels, transport companies , or other providers who have been contracted by JUMBOBEDS.

JUMBOBEDS in relation to the above and any other claims, will only attend complaints that have been previously reported during the stay of the guests in the hotel (either by the client or final consumer).

Clients and final consumer undertake to submit any claim or complaint directly to the providers of the service provided, exempting JUMBOBEDS from liability and accepting that JUMBOBEDS intervention is limited to the providing of the means at its disposal, to get the client or final consumer to accept responsibility they have on the provision of contracted services.


CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. It is understood that "confidential information" is any information or data, which JUMBOBEDS communicates or provides to the AGENCY or which they can access , either with or without the knowledge and / or consent of JUMBOBEDS.

Therefore for illustrative purposes, but not limited, it is understood as confidential information: databases and prototypes created from the documents submitted, management software, access codes to computer systems, information of users and / or agency clients, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, addresses, location of offices, agencies, offices, headquarters, computer programs, copies, routines, sources, functional and organic analyzes, Know-How, formulas , processes, ideas, inventions (patentable or not), financial data and development plans, strategies, content of offers submitted and any other documents, data or support material belonging to JUMBOBEDS or available on their web page that the AGENCY could access.

The following will in no event will be classed as confidential information:

• Any subject that appears in open literature or becomes public domain unless it has reached the public domain because of the failure of one of the parties.

• Any information or knowledge (Know-How) purchased from third parties.

• Disclosures required by Law.

• Disclosure of any information requested by Judges or Courts.

• Information concerning economic data or other that must be provided to the state, local or regional government for tax, labor or government contracting requirements.


It is expressly prohibited the total or partial disclosure to third-parties, individuals or legal entities, to this relationship, all confidential information to which the AGENCY may access through the contracting and execution of its services.

• The AGENCY certifies that its employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and others involved in the partnership agreements between the AGENCY and JUMBOBEDS will comply with the confidentiality obligations contained in this agreement.

• The AGENCY agrees to maintain such confidentiality obligations indefinitely, during and after the termination of the relationship between the parties from the date of signature of this agreement.


If the supply of the services is requested by the client of the agency and the AGENCY has to access files containing personal data, JUMBOBEDS will ensure that it is legally possible in accordance with the applicable laws and / or any legislation that develops, add, or replace the "Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data" (hereinafter RPDP).

• Any personal data that, in using this system AGENCY may disclose to JUMBOBEDS, be deemed to have been procured, processed and transmitted under the strict compliance RPDP.

• JUMBOBEDS represent and certify that they have implemented security measures

To legally maintain all security measures both technically and organizationally to ensure the safe keeping and to avoid its alteration, loss, or unauthorized access and secure all data and the risks to which they are exposed.

If the client of the agency or the user wish to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition that gives RPDP this should be directed by email to

• JUMBOBEDS and undertake AGENCY, for accessing any personal data, to the following:

- Guard them through security measures legally required technical and organizational measures to ensure the safety of pampering, avoiding its alteration, loss, or unauthorized access in accordance with the state of technology in each time, the nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.

- To use or apply the data only for the performance of the agreed services.

- Not communicate, even for the purposes of conservation, to others. Play all or part of the information, results or relationships on it.

- Ensure that the data is handled only by those employees whose involvement is required for the service. It is possible that the information is disclosed to third parties, provided that they are obliged to maintain confidentiality due in accordance with the provisions of this document.

- Once the service has been provided, ensure that sensitive documentation is destroy or return, as well as any supporting documentation.

- JUMBOBEDS may disclose customer information to third parties agency only for the purpose of completing customer booking agency and management reasons. Any data collected in this way in the web page will be transmitted in accordance with the provisions of RPDP, to those entities that must be involved to engage the services required.



The AGENCY acknowledges and agrees that the elements and intellectual property rights (including without limitation any copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret services) relating to JUMBOBEDS website (including, without limitation, its General Conditions, rules, guidelines and procedures and Confidential Information JUMBOBEDS), are the exclusive property of JUMBOBEDS or its suppliers.

CONTENT AGENCY JUMBOBEDS granted under the terms of this agreement, a non-exclusive transferable license to view and use all the information provided or included in the content of the accommodation or other services (text, photos, royalty-royalty, and, descriptions, maps) available on the website of JUMBOBEDS (hereinafter CONTENT). The duration of such leave shall be subject to the duration of the trade agreement between both parties. Such license may be revoked at any time by JUMBOBEDS communication made with one month's notice.

The AGENCY is authorized to use the CONTENT provided under this license only in connection with web pages that work through the system JUMBOBEDS or connected with JUMBOBEDS system interfaces, and only for the sale of services provided by JUMBOBEDS or its affiliates.

The AGENCY is not authorized to grant sublicenses. The AGENCY acknowledges and agrees:

• That, except as herein agreed not acquire any rights in the CONTENT.

• The directly or indirectly received or accessed CONTENT is the exclusive property of JUMBOBEDS, its affiliates or its suppliers, which remain the sole owners. JUMBOBEDS is not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies with reality, the CONTENT or any of its elements provided by third parties.


AGENCY JUMBOBEDS and are independent contractors. There is no relationship of any connection, joint venture, employment, franchise, representation or agency between the parties. None of them have the power to bind the other or incur obligations on their own without the prior consent of the parties.


JUMBOBEDS reserves the right to assign all or part of the obligations or rights under these Terms to any subsidiary, associate or parent, and any subsidiary of its parent.

The AGENCY is not authorized to assign any obligation or right arising from these General Conditions, or any other agreement regarding complete the third party unless expressly prior authorization made by JUMBOBEDS.


The application and interpretation of the General Conditions by current Spanish legislation is governed. In case of dispute arising from the interpretation or execution of these General Conditions, the parties must submit this arbitration to the law in Palma de Mallorca.